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Testing 1-2-3

The Big Running Weekend is only around the corner. We have loads of different activities for all abilities across the entire weekend where you can come to as many sessions as you like. Not only do we have all of these fun activities, there will be a whole range of different test shoes that you can try on at the different sessions which you can find out by reading below.

Test shoes available

Trail shoes

Saucony Peregrine 12 

The Saucony Peregrine is an iconic sight in the trail running world. This incredibly versatile shoe is used and loved by many runners. Version 12 see’s some pretty major updates to keep it at the forefront of the trail running market but without sacrificing what you know and love.

The Peregrine is Saucony ultimate do it all trail shoes, and version 12 does not disappoint. Having received a rather large facelift while retaining the same Peregrinesk feel. Starting with the whopping 75-gram weight saving, even deeper lugs for better grip and finally, a new upper that even uses recycled materials. what a winner.

  • Trail running
  • 4mm drop 26.5mm/22.6mm
  • 275g in men’s size 8UK
  • 235g in women’s size 6UK

Saucony Peregrine 12 ST

The Peregrine 12 ST can handle it all thanks to dig-deep traction and a nimble ride that can outlast messy terrain. Even in the worst conditions, it’s got everything you need. Version 12 see’s a drastic reduction in weight along with a new outsole pattern to increase grip and traction while reducing the amount of dirt and mud that can get stuck.

The Peregrine 12 ST thrives when the path stops, the muddier and more off trail you go the shoe really comes into its own. Thanks to its slightly lower profile design even the most technical of trails won’t feel any trouble.

  • Trail and Fell running
  • 4mm drop 26.5mm/22.5mm
  • 289g in men’s size 8UK
  • 246g in women’s size 6UK

Dynafit Alpine

The latest trail shoe to grace the ranks of the Dynafit lineup is certainly eye catching. Its lightweight stripped backed and racey design is ideal for high speed descents, long slogging uphills andtechnical terrains where being light is key. We feel this is where the Dynafit Alpine really excels.

Dynafit says “Lightweight, responsive Trail Running shoe. Cushioning and a comfort fit make it ideal for diverse conditions on technical terrain. With a drop of 6 mm from heel to forefoot and a mid-volume design, the ALPINE is the ideal shoe for fast workouts and runs of various distances. Standout features are its lightness and a grippy Vibram outsole with the MEGAGRIP rubber blend. Its seamless tongue lends superb comfort. Its rounded Alpine Rocker sole design and well-balanced cushioning achieve a dynamic, responsive ground feel. All told, the ALPINE Trail Running Shoe offers everything that you need for your daily training runs”

  • Trail running
  • 6mm drop
  • 260g in men’s size 8UK
  • 220g in women’s size 6UK

Dynafit Ultra 100

Dynafit say “The DYNAFIT Ultra 100 Trail Running shoe offers maximum cushioning. It was developed for all athletes striving to conquer ultra long distances. The maximum shoe volume guarantees a comfortable fit even after hours of running on challenging trails. Needed cushioning was a key focus during the development of the Ultra 100 midsole. Combined with a POMOCA outsole, runners get excellent cushioning and superb grip on all surfaces and conditions. With the Invisible Lacing system, a stretch lace cover adds increased protection against dirt and pebbles getting into shoes on the trail.”

  • Trail Running
  • 6mm drop
  • 300g in men’s size 8UK
  • 270g in women’s size 6UK


Dynafit Feline SL

A very well made bulletproof trail shoe that can get chucked around and keep going strong. The chevron shaped lugs helps to grip the ground in the wet and dry to give your confidence in the shoe no matter the weather. A firm feeling midsole can take a bit of getting used to but they does soften up after the first few run for a smooth and stable feeling shoe.

Dynafit says “With its deep, aggressive tread, the Feline SL running shoe for men guarantees optimum traction on soft and muddy surfaces. The shoe is a proven DYNAFIT bestseller and a true Swiss army knife for every trail adventure. The Feline SL is an impressive, versatile, sturdy companion that will keep you feeling totally great on soft surfaces as well as on mud and snow. In particularly suitable for middle distances, the Feline SL scores big for its responsiveness, ideal traction, and well-balanced cushioning.”

  • Trail Running
  • 8mm drop
  • 290g in men’s size 8UK
  •  250g in women’s size 6UK

Scott Supertrac 3

Back and better than ever, the new Scott Supertrac 3 boasts a new and improved upper while keeping its infamous outsole with all terrain traction. The Suptertrac is grippy enough to handle all kinds of mud and rocks while having thecushioning to go as far as you want in plus comfort.

Scotts says “Our most popular mountain performance shoe with ALL TERRAIN TRACTION to handle everything from the muddiest valley floor to rocky mountain ridges. Featuring a nylon ripstop upper to add higher levels of durability to our best-selling model in the collection.”

  • Trail running
  • 8mm drop 29mm/21mm
  • 320g for men’s size 8UK
  • 290g for women’s size 6UK

Road Shoes

Scott Carbon RC

A long anticipated shoe from Scott is the release of their carbon racing shoe. well, the Speed Carbon has not disappointed. Scott has created a new superlight and responsive midsole, teamed up with Carbitex to make the plate and a new water-resistant mesh upper that stay light even in the wet. Made for road racing, fast!


Carbon shoes have taken the road racing world by storm. Scott have been later to the party here making sure they are as good as they can be. Firmer than most carbon shoes on the market they are spanning the gap between a more traditional feeling racing flat but with the technology found in the racing shoes of today.

  • Road racing
  • 5mm drop 30mm/25mm
  • 240g in men’s size 8UK
  • 220g in women’s size 6UK

Scott Pursuit

Any great superhero needs a sidekick, well, super-shoes are no different. The Pursuit from Scott does just this, a lightweight highly cushioned everyday road running shoe, a great counterpart to Scott’s carbon racing shoe the Speed Carbon RC. The Pursuit has been designed as an everyday road running shoe to clock up the training miles, ideal for using on easy days or when you want to pick up the pace.

Scott Says “The Pursuit is our latest performance road running shoe.  It’s dynamic, light and fast. Featuring our new ER2 rocker geometry and our lightest foam in range, the Kinetic Light foam, your foot is nicely wrapped into a breathable mesh meaning you get the perfect ally to run faster for longer.”

  • Road running
  • 8mm drop 30mm/22mm
  • 250g in men’s size 8UK
  • 230g in women’s size 6UK

Saucony Endorphin Pro

New and improved, the all-new Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 has all of the great assets of the 1 but with an updated upper to help improve fit, lockdown and give you that secure feel even when pushing it to the limit. The Endorphin Pro 2 firmly falls into the racing shoe category. In this new age of carbon plated racers, Saucony have stamped themselves firmly at the top with the Endorphin been able to tackle everything from 5k through to ultra distance road races and with a new PB in the process.

Saucony says “Born from speed, the Endorphin Pro 2 was designed to help you step up your race pace, one step at a time. A superior fit and more heel support mean you can keep your eye on the finish line. And with our ultralight PWRRUN PB and a carbon fibre plate, there’s no doubt you’ll get there faster than ever before.”

  • Road racing shoe
  • 8mm drop 35.5mm / 27.5mm
  • 213g in men’s size 8UK
  • 179g in women’s size 6UK

Saucony Endorphin Speed 2

A standout performer of 2020 was definitely the Saucony Endorphin Speed, an ideal training counterpart to the Saucony Endorphin Pro. The Endorphin Speed 2 looks to have upped the bar even further. Still using a full PWRRUN PB midsole and an S-Shaped nylon plate with SPEEDROLL technology to roll you forward with every stride. The biggest change is the upper, an improved fit to help with lockdown and keep you secure in the shoe.

The Endorphin Speed 2 is designed to be the training partner for the Endorphin Pro, Used for longer tempo’s or speed sessions, even to race in. The nylon plate is designed to propel you forward with been as aggressive on your lower legs as a carbon version, ideal for smashing sessions in.

  • Road racing shoe
  • 8mm Drop (35.5mm/27.5mm
  • 224g in men’s size 8UK
  • 198g in women’s size 6UK

All of these will be available to try over the course of the weekend, you can swap shoes between runs so you can see what each pair is like. If you havent  got a ticket to the Big Running Weekend yet, then click here