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Injinji Socks Accelerate Running StoreRunning socks come in all shapes and sizes. Their are Toe Socks, No-Show Socks, those that are waterproof or offer compression. Then there are different levels of so called cushioning and socks for trail or road. The choice appears to be endless.

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Ultimately we will all have our own preference. Socks should always be comfortable and the ones we choose designed for running. Ideally they should be made from micro-polyester yarns, with some using topline yarns from CoolMaxTM. Good quality yarns are able to move moisture away from the skin and will dry quickly. A micro yarn will generally feel softer and just be more comfortable.

For fit, a running sock should be tighter through the arch and mid foot to ensure the sock moves around as little as possible. They will stretch here, as they will around the heel to cup snuggly to help prevent blistering.

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Sock Fit:
No-Show socks are what they say, little more than a foot covering just about poking above the height of the shoe on the ankles. Whereas an ankle or mini-crew sock covers the ankle bones. A Crew Sock comes a little higher, is more traditional and will sit around 3 - 4 cm's above the ankle.

Ankle Socks Crew Socks No-Show Socks

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Sock Cushioning:
This is very much referring to the thickness of the sock. This is especially true in the contact areas of the underneath of the foot. The heel and balls of your feet. Sometimes this may extend through the whole of the sock. There are Light Cushioning, Medium Cushioned and the thicker Cushioned Socks.
Can socks really absorb the shock of running? Well, no not so much. It really is more about protetcing the foot from blisters although this is in no way a guarantee.

Cushioned Light Cushion Medium Cushion

Matching Scott Socks and Running ShoesOther Considerations:
Some manufacturers endevaour to try and put their socks into categories based on road or trail, even Ultra Running. We find there is little difference. Ultra socks tend to be more 'cushioned' and so called trail socks may have Merino Wool blended into the weave.
Compression socks are always popular. They offer a nice tight fit around the foot with the benefit of compression. Some compression socks fully cover the calf to help stabalise the muscle, to increase blood flow and aid recovery - can be very helpful for sore calfs, especially if you sleep in them.
Waterproof socks are what they say. They have a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry - that said if you have sweaty feet they may not be able to breathe enough to keep up with demand. We would generally say that waterproof socks are a better option than waterproof shoes.

Toe socks from Injinji are also extremely popular. They are ideal in dusty conditions and greatly reducing the build up of debris between you toes which can cause rubbing or blisters. The same can be said for sweaty feet or for feet where toes cross under one another. Likewise they allow for a natural toe spread and comfort.

Some folk prefer the benefits of Merino Wool over waterproof as they stay warm even when wet. It is very much a case of trial and error to find what works for you.
Monkey Sox

Compression Merino Wool Waterproof

We all have our favourites. It may differ by season or the conditions underfoot. If we are training or racing short, or perhaps running further. There is no right or wrong, merely that which works for you.

See all the Technical Running Socks available at Accelerate All Socks

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