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Brand:VJ Sports

Accelerate Outlet Price £100 Was £135 Saving £35

Designed to take you further, the VJ MAXx is the more cushioned cousin to the Xtrm. Lugs spread further apart increase the traction of the shoe on hard packed trails and an increased midsole thickness offers a higher level of cushioning while keeping the classic VJ feel.

  • Dry and hard packed trail running
  • 6mm drop 16mm/10mm
  • 270g in men’s size 8UK

Best Use: VJ sports door to trail shoe, the MAXx is perfect for those warm and dry sunny days on hard packed trails or just your do it all from the front door kind of shoe. A wider fit than other VJ shoes means it can fit a wider range of feet.

Upper: Found with a durable mesh upper, not the lightest in the game but extremely hard wearing. Kevlar woven into the fabric and well placed overlays keep your feet secure and protected from any intruding rocks or debris. VJ’s signature FITLOCK banding over the inside of the shoe further increases its hold of your foot even when contouring.

Midsole: Special microfibre-urethane cushioning in both the heel and toe ensure comfort and cushioning on the long run.

Outsole: Thanks to the Butyl rubber outsole, the MAXx is fast becoming a favourite shoe from ultra trail races to long days out scrambling in the mountains.