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The Runner’s Edge

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Elite runners have long relied on technology to analyse performance, maximise training and challenge the competitive boundaries of the sport.

Serious runners long sought the same advantages only to be confronted with a costly and complicated process. Not any longer. Now, “The Runner’s Edge” is here. “The Runner’s Edge” takes the reader inside tech-based training, from the assortment of speed and distance devices available to the advantages of tracking and analysing the results with the latest software.

Written by scientist, coach, and training pioneer Stephen J. McGregor, PhD, and best-selling author and running expert Matt Fitzgerald, The Runner’s Edge provides new insights into technology-based training. In this one-of-a-kind work, you’ll learn these skills:

  • Determine pace targets for all of your workouts.
  • Define optimal weekly and long-term training loads.
  • Identify and address strengths and weaknesses in your running fitness.
  • Recognize periods of overreaching resulting in illness or overtraining.
  • Identify plateaus to ensure progressive training.
  • Taper your program to peak for optimal performance.

Complete with a consumer buying guide, sample programs from 5K to marathon, guidelines for using technology on race day, and triathlon-specific strategies, The Runner’s Edge will revolutionize your running regimen. Experience the power of technology-based training, and step up to elite-level performance.

Chapter 1: Gaining the Technological Advantage
Chapter 2: Choosing the Right Technology
Chapter 3: Managing Performance for Optimal Results
Chapter 4: Monitoring Training for Pace-Perfect Workouts
Chapter 5: Analyzing Data for Balanced Training
Chapter 6: Planning for More Productive Training
Chapter 7: Mastering Periodization for Peak Performance
Chapter 8: Building Training Plans on Race Goals
Chapter 9: Developing In-Race Strategies for Faster Times
Chapter 10: Using Technology for Triathlon Success