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Saucony W’s Peregrine 10 ST


Price: £65.00



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Accelerate Outlet Price £65 Was £120 Saing £55

We’ve loved the Peregrine.  We’ve had reservations about ‘tinkering’ with what is just about the perfect design.  The only quibble over the years (for some of us) has been the gradual sacrificing of stiffness and outright aggression in favour of plush comfort and all round potential, on or off-road.

  • 4mm drop
  • 5mm lugs
  • Firmer more responsive feel
  • Stiffer midsole for technical terrain
  • Great under foot protection

Oh my!

Then along comes the Peregrine 10 ST (Soft Terrain).  And it’s back to the glory days of Peregrine #2, with TEETH and STIFFNESS through the mid/forefoot.  It’s still deeply stacked with 24mm of midsole in the forefoot alone, but boy is it responsive!

And the locked in feel from this new upper doesn’t budge.  You feel the same familiar fit, but without the stretch, so you feel ‘one with the shoe’.  Which all spells happy days on the trails, into open country and dare I say it, a spot of dancing in the Fells….

For someone like me, who gets away with Fell Running in a trail shoe, so long as the shoe has the right characteristics, this will be your versatile all-rounder for the off-road scene. CH

Saucony say: 

Grippy versatility handles nearly any trail. For those who want to confidently explore off-road, the versatile Peregrine 10 ST is a grippy, protective trail shoe with cushioning that’s just right for uphill responsiveness and downhill forgiveness.

Category: Neutral
Offset: 4mm (28.5/24.5)
Lug Height: 5mm

• PWRRUN+ Topsole
• FormFit
• PWRTRAC Outsole
Shoes with a 4mm heel-to-toe offset deliver a more natural ride, letting your feet and body do more work while relying less on the shoes’ cushioning and stability features.
Tacky, durable rubber providing exceptional traction and abrasion resistance.