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On W's Cloudventure Peak

Price: £135.00

  • 4mm drop
  • Multi Terrain Outsole
  • Comfort rip-stop upper
  • Elasticated sock fitting
  • Cushioned heel for descents
  • Missiongrip technology
  • 210g

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Available ONLINE ONLY - delivery between 3 - 5 days (no express).

This is a fantastic off-road running shoe for those who wish to cover all ground, from door to trail, open country and back again.  Superb foot hold and incredible adaptive grip for effective use in almost all conditions.

4mm drop allows a natural foot placement on the midfoot, but the heel cushioning caters for those who might heel strike or descend on their heels at least.

Fits and feels like a pair of slippers!  But they defy expectation.  Just don't get them dirty!