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Mizuno Wave Duel

Price: £130.00

  • 200g
  • 9mm drop
  • New Wave technology
  • Responsive & cushioned

So you run fast.  You like to compete.  You fancy a crack at a sub three hour Marathon....

At 9mm drop and lightweight for a shoe with 14mm/23mm depth of cushion under foot, there's plenty of support and responsiveness, but with a sense of freedom and speed under the hood.

The structure of the shoe creates a firm, but flexible shoe which presents a stable base for the foot to push against, rather than sink or twist when pressure is applied.

9mm of heel creates sturdy support for those landing midfoot, while the heel strikers get a transition to mid-foot and through to toe-off which is efficient and controlled.  Which spells efficiency...

And for some, perhaps, that sub 3.