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On Cloudventure

Price: £135.00

  • 6mm drop
  • Mission Grip rubber
  • 295g
  • Targeted ventilation
  • Tread pattern for changeable conditions

Comfort and support in a trail shoe for mixed terrain.  Cushioned against hard ground and studded for traction over loose ground, mud and wet grass.

Sticky rubber on the studs create grip on most surfaces, along with a stretgic tread pattern which makes the studs work on changeable terrain, for long runs and exploring in new areas.

Downhill cushioning, forefoot responsiveness and alternate textures, flat sections and lug sizes for the right amount of friction on flat/hard stuff - versus piercing into softer ground for traction in open country.

Versatile and comfortable, with a fairly low 6mm off-set for fast feet to remain under the body and for runners to keep the grip where it ought to be, on the floor.

With tough rand and secure wrap-around construction, but with intelligently mapped ventilation to keep feet cool and dry as possible after water ingress or perspiration.