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Brooks Ricochet

Price: £120.00

  • 8mm drop
  • 292g
  • Fit Knit upper
  • Achilles shield
  • DNA AMP Midsole
  • BioMoGo DNA midsole

PING!  The name we give to the reaction your foot wants when you hit the ground. 

It comes from feeling as if the ground is stable, firm, trustworthy enough to exert force without waste/risk of injury. 

PING is what you get with racing shoes, but it comes with a chance of impact when fatigued. 

PING is what happens by default in a stiff firm shoe, but at the expense of comfort and cushioning.

With Ricochet, you can enjoy the best of both worlds... PING......AND..... cushioning!

Thanks to the twin layers of midsole.  The first, firmer layer, right under foot, creates the trust and responsiveness needed to push without hesitation.  the second layer, closer to the ground, offers further shock absorption and therefore peace of mind on hard ground or longer runs.

A real wolf in sheeps clothing.  Short or long runs, slow or fast.  Your new secret weapon if you will...