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Scott Kinabalu RC 2.0

Price: £135.00

  • Hybrid Traction
  • Kinetic Foam
  • Internal Fit System
  • eRIDE
  • Traction Rubber
  • 3mm off-set
  • 255g


The Scott Kinabalu RC 2.0 is designed to be lightweight and to increase speed, making it versatile and for everyday training or racing.  It enables runners to be fast on rolling trails as it offers the utilities of a racing flat with a grippy sole, ideal for a variety of distances.  

Technologies used:

eRide rocker midsole
The eRide rocker shaped midsole increases running efficiency.

Hybrid traction

Hybrid traction is billed as SCOTT’s most advanced traction technology to date. It combines chevron cleats for straight-line power transfer with conical cleats that provide multi directional traction to support high speed cornering. This outsole is optimised for fast efficient running on trails.

Kinetic Foam
The SCOTT Kinetic Foam is its most lightweight and responsive foam. It returns a claimed 14% more energy than standard EVA ‘resulting in a plush but stable and more dynamic ride’.

Internal Fit System
Using a lightweight engineered microfibre with hexagon cut outs the SCOTT Internal Fit System locks the forefoot in place to offer optimal power transfer from the foot to the ground and control when cornering.