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Ronhill Light Armband

Price: £18.00

  • Comfortable armband and super lightweight technology ensure no chafing or discomfort
  • Multi-settings for blinking or steady stream lights
  • Weather proof
  • Powered with easily replaceable watch battery

Hey, what's better than a really bright safety light that fits and works brilliantly?

A bright safety light that fits and works brilliantly for 100hrs!  What's more, it doubles as a perfect night light (red light doesn't disturb sleepers very easily), so you can get dressed at the crack of dawn without waking the other half or your little rug rats.

When compared with other similar lights, it offers the strongest light, the most secure and comfortable fit and remains at full power for.....well, as long as I've had it (a year so far).  I just returned from a visit to the in-laws and it again doubled as night light while using a spare room.

As 'back marker' on store run outs, I've been clearly visible from the front, ensuring that the participants stay tightly grouped. CH

For roadside safety - invaluable.

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