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Altra ZeroDrop Trail Gaiter

Price: £20.00

  • Prevent dust & debris
  • Defend against splashes/light rain
  • Altra 'Gaiter Trap' compatible
  • Lightweight/Breathable
  • Abrasion resistant

Nobody like awkward objects inside their shoes.  Most folk know how easy it is to have a stick or stone, perhaps even a great lump of slushy snow leap into their shoe the moment their guard is down.  Don't put up with it.  Get your self a set TrailGaiters.

If you already have a pair of Altra ZeroDrop shoes, you'd be mad to consider any other kind, as they're specifically designed to fasten onto the Gaiter Trap, at the rear of the Altra Trail shoes.

Altra ZeroDrop say:

A pesky stick or rock in your shoe can interrupt an awesome run. Protect your feet with the Altra Trail Gaiter. Go full throttle through the snow, sand, rocks, and leaves with the confidence that the abrasion resistant and highly breathable material will keep your shoe free of momentum-stopping trail debris. The strapless design works on any trail shoe but is perfect when paired up with an Altra GaiterTrap equipped shoe. And the strapless design allows you to change your shoes and socks without ever removing the gaiter. Take your trail run to new heights with the Altra TrailGaiter.

  • Small Size: (M 7-9.5/ W 5-11)
  • Large Size: (M10-14/ W 12)
  • Shields your feet from dirt, sand, mud, rocks and snow.
  • Strapless design allows you to change your shoes and socks without removing the gaiter.
  • Attaches to all Altra trail shoes.
  • Highly breathable stretch material with high abrasion resistance.
  • Weight: 1.3 ounces