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Scott Soft Flask 500ml

Price: £10.00



Adding vital hydration to your kit list couldn't be simpler. 

Take one or two Scott 500ml Soft Flasks and drink as you move.

As you drink, the flask closes up to eliminate 'slosh'.

The rubber bite valve comes apart for easy cleaning

-and the entire set can be stored in the freezer when not required to avoid bacteria.

  • The SCOTT Soft Bottle flask is a soft bottle with 500ml volume. It has a bite valve for drinking, which prevents water from leaking while doing sports.
  • Approx. weight

  • Features

    Shrinks while you drink to eliminate sloshing
  • Composition

    50% Thermoplastic polyurethane, 21% Polypropylene, 25% Silicone, 4% Polyoxymethylene