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Mountain King Trail Blaze Poles

Price: £85.00

  • 4 section 7075 Aluminium Alloy trail pole
  • Carbide wear tip
  • Wrist strap and airflow grip
  • Available in 5 lengths
  • Added Stability and Traction
  • Super Lightweight (from just 115g)
  • Suitable for walking and running

Covering long routes in one go, or simply bearing such weight on your back that standing up becomes an endurance challenge in itself, you'll be glad of the extra balance, traction and ground speed they afford you.

Quick and easy to assemble thanks to the sectional construction, tethered in an instant for increased efficiency.  Why waste energy?  The poles support the upper body and allow for even more power as you use all of your limbs to full effect.

Once your technique is honed, they actually provide added drive via the push from your arms - complementing the effort you're making with your legs.  They weigh next to nothing and collapse down for easy storage in your side pockets or spare bottle holder.

Invaluable during steep descents, where loss of footing could mean a tumble.

Available in a choice of colours (Harlequin pictured) and lengths to suit (listed).

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