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Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook

Price: £14.99


By far and away our most popular and requested title on Sports Nutrition...

Boost your energy, manage stress, build muscle, lose fat, and improve your performance with the all-time best-selling sports nutrition guide!

Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook will help you make the right food choices in grocery shops, restaurants, drive-throughs, and your own kitchen. Whether you're preparing for competition or simply eating on the go, let sports leading nutritionist show you how to get maximum benefit from the foods you choose and the meals you make.

You'll learn how to eat before exercise and events as well as how to refuel afterward for optimal recovery. Updated and on the cutting edge, the fourth edition includes the latest sports nutrition research on hydration and fluid intake, vitamins, supplements, energy drinks, organic foods, and the role of carbohydrate and protein during exercise.

You'll also learn about the new food pyramid and the American Heart Association's latest dietary guidelines. If you're seeking advice on losing weight, getting energised to exercise, or improving your health and performance, Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook has the answers you can trust.

Part I Everyday Eating for Active People
Chapter 1     Building a High-Energy Eating Plan
Chapter 2     Eating to Stay Healthy for the Long Run
Chapter 3     Breakfast: The Key to a Successful Sports Diet
Chapter 4     Lunch and Dinner: At Home, on the Run, and on the Road
Chapter 5     Snacking for Health and Sustained Energy
Chapter 6     Carbohydrate: Simplifying a Complex Topic
Chapter 7     Protein to Build and Repair Muscles
Chapter 8     Replacing Sweat Losses to Maintain Performance

Part II The Science of Eating for Exercise
Chapter 9      Fueling Before Exercise
Chapter 10    Fueling During and After Exercise
Chapter 11    Supplements, Performance Enhancers, and Engineered Sports Foods
Chapter 12    Nutrition for Active Women
Chapter 13    Sport-Specific Nutrition

Part III Balancing Weight and Activity
Chapter 14    Assessing Your Body: Fat, Fit, or Fine?
Chapter 15    Gaining Weight the Healthy Way
Chapter 16    Losing Weight Without Starving 
Chapter 17    Dieting Gone Awry: Eating Disorders and Food Obsessions

Part IV Winning Recipes for Peak Performance
Chapter 18    Breads and Breakfasts
Chapter 19    Pasta, Rice, and Potatoes
Chapter 20    Vegetables and Salads
Chapter 21    Chicken and Turkey
Chapter 22    Fish and Seafood
Chapter 23    Beef and Pork
Chapter 24    Beans and Tofu
Chapter 25    Beverages and Smoothies
Chapter 26    Snacks and Desserts