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Mizuno Wave Sonic - Women's

Price: £100.00

  • 4mm drop
  • Lightweight
  • Racing shoe
  • High speed training/track
  • Lower profile Wave Tech

Oh my good golly gosh!

A 4mm drop racing shoe from Mizuno, that delivers a responsive, if not explosive reaction with every step.  Lightweight, fim, yet comfy enough to take you through distance races if desired.  Speed work, tempo sessions, drills, track racing - you name it.

Racing tongue and midfoot wave for high speed fun.

Sleek design and a feel of supreme comfort, to have you grinning from ear to ear.

The Wave Sonic is here.


Mizuno say: 

The everyday heroExperience a low profile shoe that delivers a direct responsive running experience all day, everyday. The Wave Sonic generates enormous amounts of energy, delivering explosive running in a contemporary style. Easy and light weight, the racing tongue construction ensures perfect fit for no compromise runs.#NeverStopPushing with the Wave Sonic

  • ESS Wave designed for fast midfoot running
  • New racing tongue construction
  • Low profile
  • 4mm drop