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Ultimate Direction Body Bottle 500

Price: £17.50

  • Moulds to body
  • Eliminates 'slosh'
  • Compact when empty
  • Lightweight
  • Dismantles for easy and hygienic cleaning
  • Holds 500ml of liquid
  • Simple bite and drink operation

Soft flasks are now commonplace among the running community.  People now opt for the sloshing sound if they prefer the feel of a hard bottle.  The majority seem to enjoy the comfort of a soft flask because of the difference when pressed against the ribs for an extended period.

Lightweight, quiet, comfy and easy to drink from, then easy to pack away if desired. Soft flasks then, are almost regarded as essential.  The Ultimate Direction Body Bottle stands out as being one of the most reliable, resilient models out there.

Now on its latest evolution, with a redesigned bite valve and wide opening for faster refil, it makes hydration on the move relatively simple. 

Also available in the Body Bottle S version with extra long straw for drinking without removal.


UD say:

The Body Bottle is the easiest and lightest way to carry your fluids.

Specs & Details

  • Fits any vest, Vesta, or Groove
  • Collapses fully to a tiny size when empty
  • Weight: 1.23 oz. / 35g
  • Volume: 16.9 oz. / 500 ml
  • FDA-approved polyethylene (BPA-free)