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Raidlight OverMitts MP+ Stretchlight

Price: £35.00

  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • 20g
  • Easy to pack
  • Race legal*
  • Ideal for variable conditions

Caught in a sudden downpour?  Exposed to high winds along an edge path or summit?  Perhaps the sun has decided to duck behind a cloud and the temperature has dropped a good 5 degrees?

Whatever the weather, you can be certain that when the temperature falls, winds are up, or rainfall descends, you can don the Raidlight Overmitts and be 100% protected against elements which would otherwise cripple your hands with cold and ruin your day.

The benefit with these super lightweight gloves is that they fit straight over your existing gloves.  Added insulation without exposing hands during transition.  Remain warm when the going gets tough.  Then remove the overmitts again when things improve.

*They're race legal in most cases (where stipulation says 'Gloves'), but always check with your event organiser.

So easy to carry while not required.  Such a relief when needed.