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Inov-8 Dry Bag 5L

Price: £12.00

  • Store dry clothes
  • Shield Electronics
  • Prevent losing smaller items within your pack
  • Contain used items/laundry
  • Compartmentalise
  • Protect against items sinking in deep water
  • Add padding/volume to lumpy/half filled packs
  • Transfer common essentials between packs, between races/runs/groups/rest stops

30D Cordura fabric and taped seams ensure for lightweight durability and protection.

If you've run for any time at all - then you've likely realised the value of a dry bag.

Run to work with change of clothes intact, not soaked by your sweaty back on the way in!

Access specific items without endless rummaging thanks to a 'jumble' within your day pack.

Store dirty/smelly items once used and avoid contamination/social faux pas.

Ensure that your mobile phone or electronics in general are safe from water and fully operational when it counts (probably the most important bit).