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Inov-8 W's Mudclaw 300

Price: £115.00

  • 6mm drop
  • Classic outsole for traction
  • Flat heel
  • Precision fit
  • 8mm lugs
  • Protective upper

The Mudclaw is at home in the open hills and dirty British countryside.  Now - thanks to its new flatter heel, it can cope with hard packed and road sections more comfortably and with greater stability than ever before.  Still the stickiest, high traction shoe available, with the same 6mm heel-to-toe differential as ever, but with inov-8's newly introduced flexible, yet resilient upper in a precision fit for foot hold and control over uneven terrain.

inov-8 say:

Run with confidence over the muddiest of terrains with this trail running shoe. The MUDCLAW 300 delivers the ultimate grip in mud through an aggressive outsole with a unique stud design that releases mud as quickly and efficiently as it grips to it.