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Inov-8 Wrag 30

Price: £12.00


Come rain or shine - the Inov-8 Wrag is an extremely versatile little piece of kit. 

In poor weather it will provide a barrier against cold, wet and windy conditions.  The 2-way stretch, seamless Polyester forms a second skin for your head, suitable for wearing underneath hoods or helmets*.  It'll roll into a scarf for sealing the neckline or cover most of your face if things get hail storm harsh. 

By contrast, when it finally gets warm, it provides an excellent wicking layer that will keep the sweat from your eyeballs, and help prevent sunburn by covering exposed areas.

They come in pairs, which means you can accessorize if you wish, wear both if you want to be snug as a bug, but more importantly you can afford to switch them periodically, allowing you to dry one while the other does its stuff.

With a range of styles illustrated on the packaging, you can find a fit that suits you for almost anywhere...and they're only 30g!  CH.

Colour will be that shown.  More colours available in store.  Telephone for colour options.

*Always check manufacturer's instructions.