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Inov-8 1L Hydration Bladder

Price: £20.00

  • 1L Drink capacity
  • Detachable hose for cleaning/storage
  • Soft bite valve
  • Internal fin reduces 'slosh'*
  • Transparent for fill level and ease of cleaning
  • Ideal overnight/Mountain Marathon H20 storage
  • 2L version available here

Upgrade your hydration system to the 1L 'on tap' drink system and make life simpler on long/hot runs.

The 1L capacity is enough for mid length summer runs, with illustrated fill level and detachable hose for easy storage and effective cleaning**.

This hydration bladder will fit in most running packs that are 1 litre or greater in volume, with fittings that should help secure it in place.

*for best results and safeguarding against bacteria build up/dirt - rinse through directly after use with clean warm water and then drip dry before storing in the fridge or freezer.

**for reduction of sloshing while on the move:  Make sure you remove all air from inside the bladder before setting off (a quick squirt of the bite valve while the bladder is upside down should do the trick).  Thanks to the bladder being transparent, you can tell when the water's about to reach the valve.