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Accelerate Running Log

Price: £10.00

What do you get for the runner who has everything?  You get the Accelerate Running Log.  Why?  It contains 53 weeks worth of diary for you to complete, detailing your distances, route, routine, highs and lows, injuries, issues, and the time it took to complete each run.  There are also conversion charts for predicting future finish times based on your existing results.  With helpful descriptions of training styles, fitness and stamina workouts, and recovery runs, all packaged together for you to plan and execute a winning strategy, and be able to review your performance year on year.  It includes suggestions and examples of how you can create race plans for whatever distance you have your eye on.  Designed and produced by Ed & Phil, authors of 'Fit Food' and 'Get Running'.  A perfect gift idea, if not an essential item for the dedicated runner.

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