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Noble Pro Elite E8.0 Treadmill

Price: £1,599.00

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Brand:Noble Pro

Here at Accelerate, we use the Noble Pro treadmills every day, from shoe fittings to APC working with clients and even Team Accelerate training on them. They certainly take some hammer.

Do they show this?

Not in the slightest.

They are easy to set up and use, incredibly reliable and even more durable. If you are after a treadmill, then come on down to the store and give them a go.

  • 20 km/hr top speed (4:50 min/mile OR 3:00 min/km)
  • 4.2 HP DC motor
  • 60″x 21″ / 1500cm x 520cm run area
  • 7″ LED
  • Dual speakers
  • Bluetooth headset compatible
  • 130 cm x 86 cm footprint (folded)
  • 188 cm x 86 cm footprint (unfolded)

Accelerate acts as a showroom for Noble Pro Treadmills. Come down, give them a test, have a run on them see what you think.

For a little discount follow the link Here or scan the QR code below.