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Brooks have been around since 1914 and have focused entirely on running since 2001.  With Brooks proving more popular than ever, we're pleased to be able to offer a range of footwear with an abundance of comfort, technical expertise and stylish good looks.  There's a Brooks for almost every runner out there.

We've pieced together a selection which covers the 'armchair' training shoe, through the sightly more responsive 'trainer racer', through to the 'door-to-trail' do all shoe, for those who like to explore and leave the tarmac behind on occasion.

Like ourselves, Brooks make a point of prioritising the runner in all that they do, so there's as much attention to how the shoes make you feel, as there is on their potential for a PB.  Their mantra....

See for yourself by calling in to try, or selecting 'footwear' above.