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Altra Zerodrop

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We've the knowledge and experience to help you get the correct footwear in the desired fit.  When you visit the store, you can speak to our team.  We all use the shoes on a regular basis - we know their potential and the places where each style of shoe comes into its own.

This powerhouse of a brand now caters for road, trail, ultra distance and gym, with shoes that offer deep cushion and protection, comfort in spades and a respect for natural foot function that means wide toe boxes and neutral construction, putting the emphasis back on form.

Altra ZeroDrop have quickly established themselves as the leading 'Zero Drop' running shoe Brand. Zero Drop running Shoes may be nothing new, yet a brand that does nothing else is. Altra Offers a range of shoes that are in some ways minimalist and in others normal, they are just flat.
Wide, foot shaped toe boxes, a range of differing depths and densities of midsole with shoes made for trail, road and 'cross-over' (city to trail) it is no surpise that Altra ZeroDrop are a top 10 Brand Stateside.

The mose recent additions to the range are 'Oversized shoes', or maximal cushioning footwear. The Olympus and Paradigm are both designed as 'Cross Over shoes, yet continue the heritage that Altra ZeroDrop are becoming very well known for. The Olympus has staked its claim already as a 'go to' shoe for ultra runners and those looking to max out on cushioning for the longer run. The Olympus, men's and women's, is definitely more trail to city whilst the Paradigm is definitely a road to trail shoe.

"Zero Drop™ footwear offers runners the world's first fully cushioned, foot-shaped, training shoe without an elevated heel. This unique platform allows for a more natural foot strike and a more efficient, comfortable ride."

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