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It's time you saw what all the fuss is about.... So it's Accelerate's pleasure to offer anybody visiting the store an opportunity to try these on and experience the difference.
Injinji toe socks - we love them.  For us, no other sock offers the same feeling of freedom and security while running - particularly over long distances.  Their effectiveness is beyond doubt.  Their fan-base is growing by the day.  Between us, the entire Accelerate Team wear them, train in them, race and win in them.

We've made some simple assumptions about the socks people want online, so the Black is a no-brainer (for those afraid of what their white socks might look like three runs later).  Those looking for a straight forward colour match can also buy common colours here on the web. 
But to see our constantly updated range of colours, thicknesses and styles (We have injinji socks for 5k road runs - multi-day desert endurance, or arctic ultras and much more), we'd invite you to visit the store and try them out, perhaps at the same time as choosing the correct shoes.  With test socks available for you to put on while making your mind up, you can decide which injinji are right for you and assemble the ideal sock drawer, to compliment your 'tool box of shoes'.
The Injinji Toesock is a patented, 5 toe design that separates your toes with seamless, individual toe sleeves, eliminating skin on skin chafing to prevent corns and blisters from developing.
Injinji Performance Toe Socks

The toe sleeves are made from a blend of CoolMax® moisture wicking fibre and durable Nylon and Lycra, forming a thin, anti-friction membrane that is both light and breathable.  This has also ensured the socks are quick drying and do not hold excessive moisture even in the worst conditions underfoot.
With a true left and right anatomical fit, the Injinji Toesock conforms to every contour of your foot, allowing unrestricted natural movement, together with stability, gripping and balance.
Injinji Toe socks are availble in three weights.  Lightweight, Original and Midweight, which is the heavier weave of the options.  People generally start with the original weight as this appears to be ideal for most.

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