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Raidlight French brand is the pioneer of the Trail-Running, founded in 1999 by Benoit Laval, avid runner who ran up over 100 Trails on all continents and selected Team France Trail-running in 2010.

With a team of 55 employees with a passion for Outdoor, perched at 1000 meters altitude in the heart of the Massif de Chartreuse, Raidlight continues to develop ever more light products, practices and different to offer complete equipment (shoes, textiles, hardware , backpack and accessories) all trail-runners.

First brand to open its Team to all runners and trail enthusiasts, Raidlight is also the only brand that fully integrates Outdoor users to design its products through collaborative R & D. With these two innovative collaborative aspects Raidlight has become essential to offer you the best of trail running.

With this dynamic and successful practitioners from trail running, Raidlight seized the opportunity to buy the French brand Vertical spurred Benoit LAVAL. Vertical then represents a good opportunity to use the same know-how to offer a different light and all practitioners of mountain sports equipment, including cross-country skiing and backpacking.





Raidlight develops its equipment favouring a sustainable development approach. You will find in our range of Eco-Polyester presents an ecological and economical advantage. This material offers all the comfort and quality of a product made from conventional polyester, the big difference being that it is a raw material made from recycled plastic industrial waste polyester, plastic bottles...). By doing so, we significantly limit the consumption of the planet's resources, while maintaining the advantages of conventional polyester (lightweight, quick drying and easy maintenance).