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Saucony have a reputation for the highest quality running footwear and clothing for road, trail and track.  The Brand is well known for innovation, leading the way with technology and the principals of running in all that they produce.  Learn about Saucony here.

All Saucony Running Shoes (Training and Racing) are engineered from the ground upward. They are designed by runners - for runners.
Tested by runners in the lab and in the real world. Fit, comfort, cushioning and resposiveness are all scrutinised to produced a range of running shoes that offer different combinations to suit each and every runner from the novice to the most experienced.
In-store, at Accelerate, you will find a Saucony Running Centre, a complete range of Saucony running footwear, from entry level - to racing shoes.  See the full range of Saucony shoes available online Here.


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Saucony exist beneath most people's radar, yet produce some of the finest shoes in existence.  So who are Saucony and what makes their shoes so good? 

First Look: Saucony triumph ISO A whole new approach to designing and producing a high end running shoe has resulted in the emergence of Saucony's latest shoes, the ISO•SERIES.  The first of these to appear will be the all new Triumph ISO, which has been described as "WHOA". 

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