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True Motion

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Founded in 2018, German company True Motion may be relatively new to the running world, but already, their innovative designs are making groundbreaking progress. Inspired by a passion for running and a love of science, True Motion promises to continue to work tirelessly to improve their running shoes. Aiming to get closer to the perfect shoe, the goal, to give runners as much joy as possible running.

"We have been able to scientifically prove that the centering of forces through our U-TECH™ technology is based on the cause of running problems (especially on the knee and Achilles tendon)."

The answer is U true motion

What is the best combination of performance improvement and injury risk reduction in running? After 2 years of intense running shoe research and development, including a large-scale study that credibly confirms the superiority of their innovative sole design. True Motion running shoes were compared to the leading running shoes on the market (supported and neutral). From these tests the company engineered their state of the art U-TECH™ technology which result in:

  • 15 % more cushioning
  • 10 % more efficient muscle work

True Motion Diagram

These results create a fascinating new running experience: incredibly light, safe, and energetic. At the same time, U-TECH™ leads to a risk reduction of running-induced injuries. We have been able to prove this scientifically, and it has now been confirmed by thousands of enthusiastic runners.

True Motion are very much a new brand and Accelerate have been 'shoe testing' for a while.  The reasons behind stocking the brand and how our shoe testers got on with these new shoes can be discovered in our Blog, the Buzz: The New Kids on the Block – True Motion Running Shoes

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