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UYN Face Masks

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UYNMasks can support awareness of social distancing and health-related behaviour, both for ourselves and in our interactions with others.The UYN Face Masks fits perfectly around the mouth and nose, ensuring ergonomic sealing at the edges. Its three-dimensional knitting technology make it breathable, and the incorporation of Texlyte Nano means it is moisture-repellent and dries very quickly. It is important to wash the mask regularly at 60 ĚŠ C. This is sufficient to eliminate pathogens and viruses. The mask should be used by one person only; it is also suitable for sporting activities. Long-lasting and re-usable. The UYN Face Masks is not a medical product and does not provide protection from infection. It acts as a barrier that reduces the risk of infecting others because it can shorten the range of the droplets that are ejected when people cough, sneeze and speak.
We have two different styles of face masks in stock.
  1. The UYN Community face mask, this is the larger of the two masks, wrapping more around the chin and nose area for a more secure fit. They have a finer knit round the edge for more breathability. To see all colours and size follow the link here >>
  2. The Trere Social face mask,  has a higly elasticated ergonomic nose peace, densly knitted over the mouth and nose area and flexible and soft ear loops. To see all colours and size follow the link here >>

Both masks are thermo-regulating using Texlyte Nano which is also 50% lighter than cotton and 34% lighter than polyester, Texlyte Nano is hydrophobic by nature, this moisture-repellent property of the yarn is permanent and is not affected by repeated washing. Texlyte Nano is 100% recyclable and its abrasion resistance is 2.5 times higher than that of cotton so wont need to be replaced as regularly as other masks.


Easy-care: Due to the hydrophobic property of Texlyte Nano, the material is insensitive to dirt, can be washed at 60°C and dries within a short time. Ironing is not necessary. The mask can be used again after a short time.

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