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Injinji Nuwool Liner Crew

Price: £12.00



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Injinji nuwool liner is warmer than the coolmax liner. This sock can be worn on its own if you like a very thin sock or part of a sock layering system.

  • Natural Toe Alignment
  • Superior Moisture Management
  • Improved Posture and Improved Balance
  • Blister and Hotspot Prevention
  • Tactile Feel

WAIT!  What does that mean?  Well, in short, they feel amazing, fit to your feet like no other sock(for obvious reasons), and more importantly – they stop skin-on-skin friction from causing blisters.  The individual toes can wick away moisture from between/around your pinkies, which helps prevent Athlete’s Foot.  If you happen to wear Five Finger style shoes, they’ll help keep them clean and free from odour.