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Injinji Liner Crew

Price: £12.00



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The Injinji liner series provides an extremely thin 5 toe sleeve protective base layer to be worn with your favourite outer layer sock offering the best fit, feel and performance inside ANY shoe. The Injinji liner offers superior moisture management and eliminates skin-on-skin friction which is one of the primary causes of blisters.

  • Natural Toe Alignment
  • Superior Moisture Management
  • Improved Posture and Improved Balance
  • Blister and Hotspot Prevention
  • Tactile Feel

WAIT! What does that mean? Well, in short, they feel amazing, fit to your feet like no other sock(for obvious reasons), and more importantly – they stop skin-on-skin friction from causing blisters. The individual toes can wick away moisture from between/around your pinkies, which helps prevent Athlete’s Foot. If you happen to wear Five Finger style shoes, they’ll help keep them clean and free from odour.