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Hilly Pulse Compression Socks

Price: £25.00



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Whether worn during, after exercise, or both – the Pulse Compression Sock will add a feeling of support to your lower leg.  The compression will enhance blood flow, therefore speeding up the delivery of oxygen to muscle and quickly removing unwanted lactic acid from the same areas.  Additionally, the structure will keep muscles from shaking and loading while out of alignment, reducing the chances of damage/injury.

  • Graduated compression in leg – BS6612 standard
  • Proven circulation improvement
  • Reduced calf muscle oscillation
  • Increased blood-flow helps clear lactate
  • Upper foot venting
  • Improved recovery rate

Compression and muscle recovery:

They’ll add warmth, shield you from scratches, support muscles in correct alignment, and increase blood flow & recovery…

Fibre Composition: 63% Polyamide, 32% Polyamide (Tactel®), 5% Elastane (LYCRA® SPORT)