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Granger Activewear Care Kit

Price: £17.00

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You’re not the only one that needs to recover after a workout. When you push yourself to the limit your kit suffers too. Grangers Activewear Care kit is designed to keep activewear performing at its best meaning that you can focus on your performance.


  • Specially formulated to clean all activewear.
  • Removes stubborn odours and dirt.
  • Maximises wicking properties.
  • Reduces drying times.

This kit includes:

Active Wash, which removes lingering odours found in your baselayers. As well as removing dirt and odours, it improves wicking properties and, thanks to its effectiveness at low-wash temperatures, it also reduces kit drying times.

Odour Eliminator is just what you need to keep the gear you can’t wash fresh. Nobody wants to take off their boots after a long walk and be hit with an embarrassing odour. Well, no problem, Odour Eliminator does just that, it eliminates odours from those unwashable items such as your boots, gloves and helmets.

Mesh Kit Bag. This handy hard-wearing bag is suitable for all activewear. It prevents snagging and tangles, which can damage your much-loved kit. Not only is this bag great for storing your gear, but it’s also ideal for keeping delicate garments safe in the washing machine.