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Fitness Running

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From customisable workouts to rock-solid running advice, Fitness Running provides workouts from one of America’s most respected coaches.

Together with co-author Joe Henderson, Dick Brown lays the groundwork for a detailed approach to running that will help you increase your fitness, maintain your stamina, recover from injury, and prepare you for the races ahead.  Fitness Running offers a system of great workout advice for a variety of fitness and racing goals.  In addition to customised programs and a logbook format that allows you to easily record your plans and track your results, you’ll get expert advice on gear and shoes and practical training tips to boost your running performance.

Brown has become an established authority on running.  U.S. Olympians Suzy Favor Hamilton and Vicki Huber are just two of the top athletes he’s coached in a career spanning 40 years.  As both an author and a coach, Brown offers insight that few can match and know-how that few can claim.  Henderson has written 24 books and, together, these running experts give you the one book that will help you get more out of your workouts and go the distance in your personal fitness goals.