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Brooks Levitate 5


Price: £80.00



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A classic Racer/Trainer, the Brooks Levitate 5 is the best of both worlds. Plenty of springy DNA AMP foam keeps your legs feeling fresh, yet they are light enough to push the pace come race day. A new fitting upper is what’s setting it apart in this new version.

Best use: Whether you are going long and slow or shorter and faster the Brooks Levitate 5 is a great all round. If you are looking for a shoe that can handle anything the Levitate might be just what you are after.

Upper: Now using a lightweight and breathable engineered mesh. This has both improved the fit and feel of the upper while improving the secure lockdown around your foot so you can push around corners with more confidence.

Midsole: DNA AMP cushioning is a great blend for both easy miles, thanks to its soft nature but great for picking up the pace due to still being very lightweight. Perfect for getting after your new PB.

Outsole: The arrow-point pattern in the outsole lets your foot move quickly from heel to toe, enhancing the shoe’s springy feel. Quick transitions help reduce your ground contact times, keeping your stride quick and efficient.