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Bodyweight Strength Training

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Bodyweight Strength Training, here at Accelerate, this book is fast becoming our ‘go-to’ for all things strength related.  Both as a recommendation in getting ‘strong to run’, rather than attempting the ‘run to get strong’ technique, which often leads runners to overload themselves and develops injuries from forcing underdeveloped areas to endure long or fast runs before they are resilient enough.

  • Exercises for you to do in your own time
  • At home, at work or in the gym
  • Add strength
  • Improve balance
  • Support better running form
  • Reduce the risk of injury

With the moves laid out in this book, together with correct footwear and an appropriate posture/running form, people can build their strength step-by-step and in a matter of weeks, see the progress it affords them and their running.

The Accelerate Team perform many of these very exercises on a regular basis and have already confirmed the effectiveness of proper strength training.  It’s no secret.  This stuff works!

Required reading in our view and a sure way to take your running to a higher, safer, comfier level than you might have expected.

From Human Kinetics:

Increase strength, build mass, burn fat, and define your muscles. With full-color anatomical illustrations, step-by-step instructions, and training advice, Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy is the authoritative resource for sculpting your physique without free weights, machines, or expensive equipment.

Targeting all muscle zones and primary muscle regions—arms, chest, shoulders, back, core, thighs, glutes, and calves—Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy presents 156 of the most effective bodyweight exercises that can be performed anytime, anywhere. With expert advice from renowned strength trainer Bret Contreras, you’ll learn how to modify, combine, and sequence exercises to ramp up your routine and avoid plateaus.

In depth yet practical, Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy takes you inside every exercise through stunning anatomical artwork that reveals primary muscles worked along with the relevant surrounding structures, including bones, ligaments, and tendons.

Whether you are just beginning your quest for a better body or simply seeking a proven approach for training at home, on the road, or on the go, Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy is a one-of-a-kind resource that you’ll refer to again and again.



Chapter 1 The Bodyweight Challenge
Chapter 2 Arms
Chapter 3 Neck and Shoulders
Chapter 4 Chest
Chapter 5 Core
Chapter 6 Back
Chapter 7 Thighs
Chapter 8 Glutes
Chapter 9 Calves
Chapter 10 Whole Body
Chapter 11 Planning Your Program