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Shokz Open Run

Price: £129.95

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Shokz top selling model, quick charging headphones.

  • Open Ear comfort
  • Bone Conducting
  • Open ear listening
  • Full Titanium fit
  • Magnetic Charging
  • Water and sweat resistant IP67
  • 26g
  • 8hr music/calls
  • Qualcom Bluetooth® 5.1
  • PremiumPitch 2.0+™ technology optimizes the sound
  • LeakSlayer™ technology ensures music is directed exactly where it should be.

Allowing you to listen to music on the move with IP55 water resistance and super lightweight design, these are Shokz, headphones for those who like to hear their favourite tunes as they work out, run, cycle, walk, drive in excellent quality.

Race legal where others are not (always check) they still provide awareness of what’s happening around you, thanks to the genius way in which they conduct your music via your skull, rather than through the ear canal.

Easy to use, easy to charge, lightweight and safer than in the ear headphones. Shokz are entertainment on the fly.