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Shoe Fitting

This is something at Accelerate we take a great deal of care about and pride in.

We are trained by experts from the podiatry and coaching staff here at the Accelerate Performance Centre. Above all else a running shoe should be comfy and fit your unique shape to the best of our ability, that of the Brands too.
We would hope that you leave the store not just having taken some mighty good advice yet also something you want to go for a run in.

Shoe Fitting

You can just pop into the store, sit back with a cuppa and we will talk you through a very straightforward process.

We will check your strength stability and also your running mechanics. All of our staff understand running technique and gait, they know what to look for having been shown correct running technique themselves.

Ultimately the final decision is yours to make as we can not know how a show feels to you, yet rest assured we will be honest in what we see and tell you. In addition, if the right shoe for you is out of size we will order it for you. You have the option to pop back and try the shoe again or we will send it to you free of charge.

It's that simple.

Shoe Fitting Appointments

Yes, these are available too. Just call to book in to see you favourite Technical Sales Advisor for a private shoe fitting in our new treatment room.

Running Injuries

Unfortunately the staff within the store cannot diagnose injuries. Yes, they may well be able to identify movement and technique issues which could have contributed and suggest things you could do. For injuries we have the Accelerate Performance Centre to help: Physio and podiarty for injury diagnosis; soft tissue therapy and massage for prevention along with 1 to 1 coaching for technique and strength stability. All you have to do is ask.

Shoe Fitting

Shoe Fitting


Coronavirus Update

All visitors to the store will be asked to wash their hands thoroughly prior to discussing your requirements with you.  We will also practice, as best as is possible, all recommendations with regard to 'social distancing'.
All of the seating areas, treadmill and exposed surfaces and table tops are regularly disinfected and then wiped down.
That said if you would like a little more 'shopping isolation' we can take you to the Studio, usually reserved for use as a treatment room and we can go from there. Please call ahead if this is your preferred option. For anyone over the age of 60, we would suggest this is a must.

Shoe Fitting

Shoe Fitting