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Shoe Fitting

This is something at Accelerate we take a great deal of care about and pride in.

We are trained by experts from the podiatry and coaching staff here at the Accelerate Performance Centre. Above all else, a running shoe should be comfy and fit your unique foot shape. We would hope that you leave the store, not just having taken some mighty good advice, yet also with something you will want to go for a run in.

Shoe Fitting

Shoe Fitting Appointments

Before booking your appointment please read through this page and our Covid-19 Store Operating Policy which can be found here

To book an appointment for a 1-2-1 shoe fitting click here

In summary. We will check your strength stability, your individual foot shape, and your running mechanics. All of our staff understand running technique and gait, they know what to look for having been shown correct running technique themselves.

Shoe Fitting: What We Will Be Doing to Help You
When you visit the store there are some very clear steps we can take to help get the shoe selection right.

1) In bringing your old shoes along with you we can see you run in them. Everyone at the store understands running technique and will be able to explain what they are seeing. It is likely they will have some suggestions for the changes you need to improve things.

2) Back inside we will look at your feet.  Their shape and the profile of your arch. You will also be asked to go through a couple of straightforward 'moves' so that we can check your strength and stability. Ultimately this will help with selecting shoe types for you.

3) As we begin to narrow down the shoe selection we will check the size and fit. We can make recommendations from what we can see and you tell us. Then you can try other options such as a half size change or an alternate lacing method to see if that improves things.

4) Back running again. Through this and discussion you will be able to ensure you are leaving the store happy and confident in the shoes you finally choose.

5) Once you are back home have a walk around inside and ensure you are happy. We have put together the following guide "Shoe Fit and Size" here

We strongly recommend you read this.
If you are not sure about something, then please call the store. Do this before you take the shoes for a run.

Ultimately the final decision is yours to make as we can not know how a show feels to you, yet rest assured we will be honest in what we see and tell you. In addition, if the right shoe for you is out of stock in store we will order it for you. You have the option to pop back and try the shoe again or we will send it to you free of charge.

It's that simple.

Returns Policy: Please check the steps you and we have to take to be able to return any item. This is detailed in point 5.0 of the Covid-19 Store Operating Policy which can be found here

Running Injuries

Unfortunately, the staff within the store cannot diagnose injuries. Yes, they may well be able to identify movement and technique issues that could have contributed and suggest things you could do. However, for injuries, we have the Accelerate Performance Centre to help: Physio and podiatry for injury diagnosis; soft tissue therapy and massage for prevention along with 1 to 1 coaching for technique and strength and stability. All you have to do is ask.

Shoe Fitting

Shoe Fitting

Shoe Fitting

Shoe Fitting


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