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The Evolution of Fast

Introducing the Endorphin Collection

Endorphin collection

Utilising SpeedRoll Technology, these shoes are pioneered to propel you forwards, with the feeling of continuous momentum. It's time to run faster, not harder in any of these three shoes.

Endorphin Pro

Saucony Endorphin Pro

Designed for race day this shoe is you, but faster. Engineered with elite athletes and built to break personal bests, it's Sauconys fastest ever shoe.
If your aim is to smash your personal best and to compete with your fellow runners on the road, then this shoe could be for you. This shoe should be saved for these special outing when every marginal gain counts, and when seconds make or break your race.

Find the Mens here and the Womens here

If you think this shoe isn't for check below for more super-fast shoes.


Endorphin Speed

Saucony Endorpin Speed

Run faster, not harder. From Tempo workouts to race day, this shoe accompanies you the whole way. Built to make running faster feel easier with every stride.
Wanting a super fast shoe with slightly more flex, equalling greater comfort than the Pro? This could be it! The Nylon plate allows more flex than that of the Pros Carbon one but retains its ability to transfer power fast. Sounds like a good combination doesn't it?

Find the Mens here and the Womens here


Endorphin Shift

Saucony Endorphin Shift

For you everyday cruising, the Saucony Shift optimises maximum cushioning and finely tuned stability features propel you forward, faster. Its truly an effortless, everyday ride. The most comfortable shoe in the endorphin range, but don't think its slow, this shoe still features technology designed to help push you forwards faster.

Find the Mens here and the Womens here

If this doesn't suit your heads, have you checked out the Speed or Pro?


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