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Patagonia - part 3


I’m very proud to be supported by Team Accelerate, and delighted to be wearing Patagonia as part of my role in the team. I have quite a bit of Patagonia kit now, and I can confidently state for the record that it is the best running clothing I have ever owned or worn.

I am a huge fan of the Strider shorts. As well as looking great in a nice range of strong colours they strike a nice balance between the two extremes of fellrunner ‘brief’ whilst maintaining an ultrarunner ‘comfort’ fit. I’ve had them out on everything from short blasts in the Peaks to long ultra efforts in the mountains. I’ve never had any chafing, discomfort or other issues, in fact the best compliment I can give them is that I barely notice I’ve got them on! They have generous pockets that manage to hold items close to the body in movement. They can even accommodate a rolled up Houdini jacket (another brilliant bit of kit) with no disruption to running form.


Strider Pro Shorts & Fore Runner tank with Patagonia visor – OCC 2016

Another favourite item with that ‘barely there’ feel is the Fore Runner tank. I much prefer a tank to a vest, and this simple design fulfils the brief with minimum fuss. It wicks easily and is very comfortable, and I have absolutely battered my two tanks over the last six or seven months. And here’s the thing, they still look brand new. There is no wear and tear on either and the colours (French Red and Underwater Blue) are just as bright as the day I got my hands on them. Patagonia clothing is very robust and I am confident I will get years of wear out of all my gear.

I’m looking forward to trying out some of the winter clothing once December rolls around and I am allowed to run again following my present INJURED status! In particular, I can’t wait to put the awesome Storm Racer waterproof jacket through it’s paces – I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and so I’m willing this knee to heal ASAP!!

But here’s the real clincher – Patagonia is a brand that falls in line with my own ecological beliefs and principles. The Fore Runner vest is 100% recycled Polyester. The Strider Pro shorts 50%. The company routinely runs workshops where you can take used and abused Patagonia gear to be fixed for free – there is even a stand that does this at the Fellsman for example. It is a company that cares about the planet and it’s environmental impact, and puts that philosophy at the forefront of everything it does. That in itself is enough of a reason to feel good wearing their gear. Patagonia gets the 100% Fellmonkey seal of approval!


Simon Green, Team Accelerate.

Thursday 13th of October 2016

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