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Mountain Hardwear Fluid Race Vest Pack - Reviewed

You have no excuse.  If you don't own a running vest, this is the one.  Not because it's the best hands down, not because it does anything that other vests can't do - but because in all my time testing and running in it, from recreational runs - to work days loaded with clothes and lunch boxes - it has performed so well, with such comfort and ease of use, you'd expect it to cost upwards of £100.

Yet the Mountain Hardwear Fluid Race Vest Pack (Accelerate UK Exclusive) costs only £55.  

That's right, £55.


So - what's the catch.......?

Well, I've tried to find one, believe me.  I've put hundreds of hours in with this vest, seriously.  Sure it's 6L and can sometimes be a struggle to fit large items in without a fight, but they're things like lunch boxes or spare shoes for my run to work, not running essentials that you'd take on a regular run or race.  And I get them in, just not as easily as I might have wished.

Ahhh, but there aren't any bottles with it, are there.....? 

Well no, but I have a drawer of bottle from my 4 other running vests, so what the hell do I want with even more bottles?  I can use either hard bottles or soft flasks in the Fluid vest and they're equally suited, so unless you have to purchase something extra to go with it (available from us, obviously), I'd say - just transfer your existing bottles and get on with it.

It can't be very well made for that £55, surely.....?

Errr........actually, I haven't seen the slightest sign of wear.  Nothing.  All weathers.  Wet/Dry, Heavy contents or no.

So, it must feel like the fit is second rate or something......?   No?

Nope.  Probably as comfy as anything I've ever run in.  Just amazing against the body.  I always place my work keys in one front pocket and house keys in another, so pressed against me the entire time, yet I somehow feel nothing.  Even with the hard bottles (my preference) in, it remains totally comfortable even on long runs.

Seriously, there's nothing wrong with this vest.  It fits.  It feels great.  It holds a ton of stuff that's easy to sling in through the generous main opening, but doesn't jiggle, thanks to the stretch fabric and its secure hold, once on.  The materials dry while hung up on the back of a chair, or from a wardrobe door knob, using the in-built hang loop.  I can get keys in and never hear them rattling my nerves.  I can get lunch tubs in and a change of clothes, so it's great as a run to work bag.  I forget I have it on during long runs.  Zero irritation.

The fact I have to borrow a whistle and favourite Ultimate Direction bottles when I need to carry a drink - no harm done.

I mean, it's £55 for a dynamite running vest that's built to last.

I cannot recommend it highly enough.


There endeth the review. 

The Mountain Hardwear Fuid Race Vest Pack can be purchased here while stocks last.

Monday 25th of January 2016

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