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Customer Review: The Montrail Bajada II (UK Exclusive UTMB Edition from Accelerate).

For Accelerate - The Montrail Bajada II represents the beginning of a comeback story from Montrail, who vanished a few years ago - but are now back with a vengence.  Across Europe they've launched a new version of the Bajada off-road running shoe, decking it out with UTMB (Ultra-Trail Du Mont-Blanc) detailing - in conjunction with their official Sponsorship for this prestigious race.  Accelerate are proud that the Limited Edition UTMB Bajada II is exclusively available in the Sheffield store and online on via Accelerate website while stocks last.
Local runner Craig Muress bought the Bajada II in order to tackle what he knew was going to be a particularly challenging period of off-road racing.  But where the Peak District and Sheffield's outlaying areas are concerned, that means occaional road running sections and a mixture of terrain in all directions.  He kindly offered his views on the shoes, having successfully completed not one, but two races on consecutive days as part of the Dig Deep event earlier this year.  He finished a respectable 4th place in their 30mile 'Intro Ultra' and then 7th in the '12.12' (12.12miles) the very next day.  Here's what he made of them:
I have owned my Montrail now for 4 weeks.  During that time I can safely say they have had some testing runs.

Left: Craig (on the right) with his Bajada II on, ready for 30miles of fun in the sun.

I have run two Ultra-Marathons in them, testing them at speed over technical trails, soft ground and road.  Also testing them without much speed on a variety of climbs including Kinder Scout, Lose Hill and Win hill (all within the Peak National Park, just outside the Sheffield City Centre).

They have provided me with the Cushioning needed to run back-to-back Ultras and the responsiveness to travel fast over rocks and technical ground.  The toe box is a good size and after a 140mile 2 week period, I did not get any sore/lost toenails, blisters or pressure points - quite a rarity for me.

They are well vented and allowed my feet to keep cool on really hot days.

The only downside I have found so far - is in wet conditions, the shoe does take in water easily resulting in soggy feet on moderately wet days/wet ground.  A downside of the venting I guess.  Also, the sole - which is quite grippy on dry rock, has given me a few ice-skating moments when descending down or jumping over wet rocks.

I would say the Montrail (Bajada II) is a shoe which stands up well to varied terrain.  It’s not the best fell shoe by a long way, or long distance road shoe, or even a fast trail shoe - but if my training/racing is going to take in mixed terrain I would say this is now my go to shoe.

Below:  Smiling all the way - on the brutal Parkin Clough (Win Hill, Derbyshire).

Craig Muress 2015.


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Friday 4th of September 2015

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