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Brooks Ricochet Reviewed


Brooks say:

"Add a little kick to your kick. With a hit of our DNA AMP energized cushioning plus quick transitions and a sleek upper, this women's running shoe is ready to rock the road". 

I have been looking for a new pair of road shoes for a while – ones that would complement the Saucony Ride 2 that I do a lot of my longer runs in. The Ricochet fit the bill perfectly – it is a light, bouncy shoe which is just right for faster training runs, interval sessions and road races up to marathon distance.

The Ricochet has a good balance of cushioning underfoot so you can be in them for a long time without getting battered feet, and a light springy feel which enables you to run fast and push hard. They hold your midfoot snug and the relatively high heel cup means they won’t slip around your foot too easily!

These shoes are perfect for:

  • Faster road runs and interval sessions – the spring in them makes it easy to go quickly for not too much extra effort
  • Road races up to marathon – they are light enough to be fast on a 5k, and cushioned enough to support your feet for several hours.
  • People with slender feet, or those who like a shoe to sit snugly around their foot

However, nothing is perfect, so in the interest of balance here’s some things the shoes won’t be great for:

  • Hobbits – if you have super wide feet you might find these a bit restrictive!
  • Mud – in my experience most road shoes will cope with a little bit of squidgy stuff, however the tread pattern on these means they are a pure tarmac shoe.
  • Long slow runs. Now, this is just my opinion, and some people might find them great for everything, but I find that they tempt me to run a bit too quickly and I would end up knackered halfway through a longer run!

Overall I really like these shoes and they are quickly becoming my go to for all my road runs except my long weekend run. They have a great balance of cushioning, structure, bounce and a lovely lightweight feel.

Laura Inglis - Accelerate

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Wednesday 16th of October 2019

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