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Patagonia Month: What is a Bar Tack?

What is a Bar Tack?    Why should we care?

Well, it's a 'bar' of stitches, tightly packed, providing a very resilient area upon a piece of fabric.  Such bars are employed to maintain integrity at the end of zips, button holes, thumb loops and other features upon a piece of clothing or equipment, where there is an increased chance of wear, or stress.

We've come to assume that they'll be present upon most of what patagonia produce, simply because their quality is second to none.

Quality control in effect.  No loose ends.  No stray threads or frays will appear when you take hold of a patagonia garment. 

Years on, the chances are you'll still be climbing into a shirt, jacket, pair of trousers, shorts... which fit exactly the same as they did day one.  Integrity and colours intact. 

They probably won't pong, because of the anti-microbial fibres used to create the item.  Not treated afterwards, only to rinse out after a few uses.  Part of the fabric.  Long term.

And speaking of long term, the clothing isn't going to let you down, thanks to the incredibly high thread count.  The stuff has heft.  But the technical fabrics patagonia create from recycled bottle tops and more, keep on working, wicking, drying, stretching and providing enjoyment - often for generations.  Seriously.

And should the day arrive, that your beloved shorts give up the ghost, patagonia invite you to let them fix the issue.  They'll patch up your old clothing and send it back to you good as new.  For as long as you wish to keep using it.

Thanks to their 'Worn Wear' initiative, the waste and unnecessary replacement of perfectly useable clothing is being reduced.  Therefore, so is the carbon emission.  The water usage.  The balance between what is taken out and what's put back into the planet's resources, is being restored piece by piece, thanks in part to patagonia and their commitment to not leaving a trace where possible.

If it becomes unsalvageable - well then they'll happily accept the fabric for use in producing yet another fine piece of sports/lifestyle clothing which doesn't cost the earth.

So the Bar Tack isn't new.  It isn't unique.  But together with a handful of other amazing touches, it's a sign of quality and integrity from a brand which costs about the same as the competition, but packs way more into their product. 

They really want what's best for everybody.  And that's why you ought to care.

Wednesday 17th of October 2018

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