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Best in Test: Trail Shoes - Scott Supertrac RC

The following is a collection of testimonials from our team of supported athletes, group leaders and store team.  Unanimous in their appreciation of what just might be the best shoe in years.  Certainly the lightest entry from Scott in recent memory, but strong, well fitted, sticky on rock, massively grippy over wet grass and mud.  Ideal then, for almost any off-rod surface you can throw a stick at.

It also feels supremely cushioned when you find yourself on harder surfaces, such as road sections, paving slabs, or the top of crags.


Here then, is what the team had to say:

Stuart Walker:

The Supertrac RC are the F1 car of the range. The lightest, the fastest, and with that cool circular stud on the bottom. When it's steep they are awesome, grippy on anything and with the fit and light weight to match. They don't perhaps have the lifetime of the others (particularly as you won't want to wear any other shoes!) but it's the tread that will die first - the uppers are still perfect on mine despite the tread being almost worn out. If you love short steep stuff like the Gritstone series these are the shoes for you!

Caroline French:

I’ve got the groovy black and green fell shoes.

Loved the look of them from the off. Admittedly, it’s not all about looks, but it does help. 

Comfort:  a perfect balance of cushioning and responsiveness. On a longer run, being able to feel very lump, bump and gnarly bit isn’t great, so the cushioning in these is great. That said, they’re not on the soft and squidgy end, reminiscent of running on sofa cushions.

Fit: They size up pretty well. I’m normally a 6 and definitely don’t need any bigger, maybe I could even get away with a 5.5! They’re also a relatively narrow shoe, which for me is brilliant. Fell shoes are often too wide for my ‘delicate’ feet.

Grip:  a rather funky looking sole (sorry, gone aesthetics again), of lime green with some pretty decent lugs, offering some good grip on most terrains. They are a great all rounder for trail and fell, but not quite grippy enough for a bog fest run.  A great ‘go-to’ shoe in my opinion.

Megan Ellen:

"When Stuart Hale finally persuaded me to put a pair of Scott SuperTrac RC’s on my feet I was still sceptical…They certainly didn’t feel like fell shoes, they felt far too comfortable. Surely they wouldn’t be able to handle real fell terrain!? To be sure I decided to take them on the most rugged of Peak District Runs, a long slippy and muddy test to break them in (or break them to pieces). What I didn’t expect were for the hours that followed to be pure bliss. The unique 360 traction was quick to stick to anything and everything I bounded upon giving me confidence on even the steepest and wettest descents. The agile shape of the shoe fitted my foot like a sock and although they were brand new I didn’t experience any rubbing or discomfort over the course of the day and the clever lace locking system ensured they stayed snug. Following my first strides with Scott in their RCs I decided to pick up some Kinabalu Enduros and took them on a jolly to the French Alps where I discovered their strength on snow and durability on aggressive rocky terrains. I have since found it hard to run as naturally or with as much comfort in anything else! Well done Scott, you won me over - I look forward to what shoe developments you have up your sleeve next year! "

Chris Hough:

"Surprisingly comfortable and trustworthy over steep, wet, grassy areas and protective against sharper rocky terrain"


So the consensus.... a 5mm drop off-road trail shoe, that appears to cope admirably on the open country and dare we say, fells.  cushioned but surprisingly stable, it digs into softer ground and smooths out the bumps.  Fitted in such a way as to keep a firm hold on your foot, but never too tight/restrictive.  Lightweight by scott's standards and generally light all the same, at 250/230g.

Wipe clean materials and a snazzy look, in keeping with the rest of the RC Clothing & Equipment range (available in the Accelerate store), these are either comfy trail shoes or lightweight off-road racers, depending upon who's in them.  Even on steep hillside around  the Peak District or Lakeland Fells, they hold their own - making them some of the most valuable shoes we've seen in a very long time.

We've yet to hear a word against them.

Purchase Supertrac RC here.

Thursday 21st of December 2017

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