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Tried, Tested and Abused: Patagonia Windchaser Tee

Patagonia WindchaserReview By Stu Hale.
This, despite the name, is a summer it's a winter base-layer. Ok it's for all year use. Yet, Patagonia, are not really so well known in running circles, so does the Windchaser for women and men perform?

OK, we know Patagonia are the champions of ethical maufacturing, working to better the environment and to recycle where ever possible. Yes, this tee is 100% polyester with the main body coming from recycled polyester. The factory that makes the fabric has closed loop chemical processess and any waiste fabric is, you've guessed it recycled. Very clever those Japanese.

So Patagonia tell us that the main body is designed to wick like crazy and be quick drying - not bad for a load of old bottles. The open mesh above the mid chest line (Contrast fabric) is more open so offers a far greater potential for ventilation and wicking. 

OK, sounds great!

OK, the first time I had a chance to play in this top was as a baselayer in January. The body is the same fabric that Patagonia use in their winter base tees.  To be fair these I have used a great deal, winter and summer. So the fabric did exactly what I expected, almost paradoxically. Yes, it's warm under another winter top in the winter, moves moisture well and never leaves you with cold feeling when you stop for a few minutes. Likewise, worn on its own it lets the surrounding conditions dry the top quickly leaving you comfortable. Even on silly-hot days when you just end up with an entry to a 'Wet T'shirt Competition', you are never uncomfortable.
So to the top panal; we have already had a couple of summer days this last few weeks, and yes it makes sense to have a more breathable section to the tee, especially if you are using a pack.  Either way, it definitely works.
For me fit is pretty important - a semi fitted tee is were it is at as far as I am concerned. If you want a snug fit then just drop a size, it may just work for you. With that comes comfort. In true Patagonia style there are yarns for manufacturing technical tees and then there are yarns! The yarn used here is super-fine, silk like even. Agaisnt the skin there is no doubt this is the case. This also aids the speed of wicking and improves drying times.
This fit and feel is only enhanced with how the differtent panals are joined.  The stitching, where used, is of a high quality, tight and flat with no flaps to chaff and rub. The stitch count across all seams is extremely high so increasing longevity of the top. The top panel along with most 'joins' on this tee are welded so further reducing the risk of a nasty rub on long days and when using a pack.

I have been a Patagonia user for a while now and their kit lasts and lasts. The colours (dyes) are mostly naturally derived and never appear to fade. You can pretty much guarantee a great range of colours with blue and yellow options available at the moment. For women there are options too, with the same great fabrics and attention to detail.

So in the words of Patagonia...


For me this is one mighty fine Tee, for cooler days as a baselayer and definitely long hot days when all you want is a comfy top that works. With great colours, fit and feel and something that is designed to last and last through the summer and into the winter, what more could you ask for.  Oh yes, that snug feeling of having made a purchase that has left a decreasing footprint on the environement.  I like it!

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Ultralightweight, quick-drying 100% recycled polyester wicks moisture. The contrast mesh upper-body panel allows for huge ventilation and breathability. With Polygiene® permanent odor control

  • Set-in sleeve construction with underarm gussets for chafe-free comfort and full range of motion
  • Locker loop for easy hang-up
  • Tagless at neck for scratch-free comfort
  • Reflective logo on left chest and center-back neck
  • Main Body: 2.3-oz 100% recycled polyester solid double knit. Contrast Body: 2.4-oz 100% polyester open, highly breathable mesh, with Polygiene® permanent odor control. Fabric is certified as bluesign™ approved.
  • 65 g (2.3 oz)
  • Made in Sri Lanka.

The fabric was made here:
Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd. is a Japanese fabric manufacturer and supplier that provides us with knit and stretch woven fabrics used primarily in our surf collection. Teijin was an early adopter and pioneer of chemically recycled polyester. Though we still purchase virgin polyester materials from them, they greatly expanded the possibilities of sustainable materials for us when they adopted chemical recycling technology that balances the environmental responsibility and innovative performance of specialty fibers. They also introduced closed-loop chemical recycling to the textile industry, allowing brands to turn their used garments into recycled fiber

Friday 14th of April 2017

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