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Accelerate-Scott team member Matt Jackson Reviews the Scott Kinabalu

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As with any Scott shoe, I couldn’t wait to get the box open and have a look. Usually they are a good looking, colourful shoe and these did not disappoint!

Mine are in a blue and yellow colourway, they also come in orange and dark grey or all black for men, while the ladies have a choice of purple and green or blue and lighter blue with a contrasting yellow sole. There are also Gore-Tex versions available.


They have a very comfortable 8mm heel to toe drop. I expected them to be a little lighter than they are at 310g, but once laced up it isn’t noticeable. This could be due to scotts eRIDE midsole rocker which is constantly rolling you forward onto your toes and making for a snappy transition onto your forefoot and toe off.

FitScott Kinabalu and Scott Palani

I take 8.5 and found they were very true to size, an almost identical fit to they Palani Scott road running shoe. they could be described as a ‘snug’ fit but not tight. They really hold your foot in place and feel secure while having enough room for your toes to move.


I have found the uppers to be extreamly breathable while still repelling small amounts of water but not letting my feet get to hot even on sunnier days! (The GTX version are fully waterproof).


I found them to be quite a stiff shoe stright out the box and still do but the amount of cushining under foot makes up for this once your running. I’ve logged over 370 miles in my Kinabalu and they still feel as though I’ve only done 50. The distance hasn’t changed the characteristics of the shoe either, they still have ample cushioning while the support and shape of the upper are still present.

Scott Kinabalu Outsole



They use Wet Traction Rubber in a diamond pattern that gives more traction than conventional lugs making it great at transition from trail to road and back. Strangely the outsole has minimal wear for the mileage they have done, the only place with any visible sign of wear is on the forefoot where my foot makes the initial ground contact, usually my shoes wear on the outside of the heal and inside of the toe off area.


Best usageMatt Racing a 10k in the Kinabalu

Terrain wise I have always used them on harder trails and tracks as they don’t have the lugs of their sister shoes like the Kinabalu RC 2.0 or Supertrac but that’s not to say they are useless in mud, I regularly use them when im out running in the peak district and have had no trouble with them. I have used them for every single type of session possible, long run’s, quick 20 minute runs, hill sessions, speedwork, team sessions, everything! They really are happy to do all of these.


these are my go-to shoe for long days out on the trier and harder packed trails. I love the breathability of the upper and forgiveness of the midsole to allow longer runs. Because of the comfort I usually throw them on for my short recovery runs too. The only con I have found is something really, REALLY, petty………the laces are short. I genuinely can’t find a fault with the Scott Kinabalu. They are possibly my favourite model of Scott trail running shoe.

These are a trail shoe for anybody and everybody. Whether you run 5k or 50k, these are happy to do both while also doing everything in between!


I have owned the Brooks Cascadia, the Inov-8 Roclite and the New Balance Leadville. In my opinion, none of them come close to the Kinabalu’s versatility and comfort. That’s not to say they aren’t good shoes, the Scott just takes a little bit of what they each do and puts them all together to make an all in one, all round mile eater!

Matts new and old Kinabalus


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