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Tried, Tested and Abused: On Running CloudFlow

19th December 2017
On Running say that the CloudFlow "Is for runners looking for a lightweight and very responsive performance shoe". So let's go take a look and more importantly a run or two...

Tried, Tested and Abused: Saucony Koa ST Trail Shoe

2nd September 2017
The Saucony Run Anywhere range of shoes was recently expanded to include the Koa TR and ST trail shoes. The TR was recently reviewed, so how does the ST fair in and around the Peak District.

Tried, Tested and Abused: Inov8 Parkclaw

1st September 2017
You may well not be alone in the search for one shoe for all occasions, road or trail. The Parkclaw from Inov-8 looks to fill the gap.

Equipment review: Ultimate Direction Hardrocker Vest

24th August 2017
Ultimate Direction excel themself with more and more easy to use packs for running in. Is the Hardrocker the best yet? Chris Hough offers a full review.

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